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_I was born to tell people about HIM.
He who gave everything and asked for nothing.
_This blog contains the everyday personal life I encounter as a daughter, a friend, a youth, A LOST CHILD.
_I am no saint, just another sinner who was SAVED to SERVE.
_Alex.F.23.Socially Awkward.
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As lovely as a tree…
We are not saved by our works or efforts but faith without work is dead.
KAINitan ng hapon ^-^
Gaano ka-clingy?
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Ever felt that sting in your heart whenever a close friend or your best friend makes a new friend, or worse gets a new boyfriend or girlfriend?! DOUBLE BURN! hahaha… I felt that last night, as when I was browsing on another social network site, I saw a wall post of some guy on my friend’s wall. BOOM! I knew it! Her previous posts, the sudden enthusiasm about skating, secretive texting.. the signs all pointing to one conclusion:

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>: D the dog said,
pang suummer na din ng hair ni Rain [: D

Anonymous asked: I found your blogs so inspiring and it looks like you're really a grown-up believer of our Lord God. I've seen that most of your posts was all about just you, your friends, and about God. I mean, how about your special someone? Do you have that someone near to your heart? Forgive me if I ask you personally. Just wanna know. You can just ignore that question if you want. Anyway, Have a nice day ahead. Hearing from you.

Hi there Anon! Wow!, never really thought that someone would take time and ask me that. Thank you! I have blogged about that subject, maybe you just can’t find it in my blog (or other blog) or I haven’t posted ‘that’ entry here but I remember that I have a blogged about that in the past.

An honest and true answer if I have someone dear to my heart, well right now, I don’t. There used to be someone but I held close to my heart but he got tired of waiting. :D Thank you for asking!!! It be better if you come out of being anon. You gave me an inspiration on what to blog about next! Till next time Anon! (see you again in my inbox) haha! God bless!

Ang pagkain mas sumasarap kapag may kaagaw… MangGraham *^*
Koo-keen-sum-tin’ o_O
Medyo sinipag magluto..Spamghetti ^@^
Life: Chaos in close up. Comedy from a far.